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Artillery are a lot more expensive to maintain than infantry or cavalry but late game they are monstrously powerful due to having a 8.4x fire multiplier and 5 flanking range. However from the back line of combat they have a 0.5x damage multiplier, so at mil tech 15 their fire multiplier is effectively 0.7 and they have just one or two pips - imo at this point they aren't worth the money to keep aside from siege bonuses. Late game you want to have as many artillery regiments as you can. This video explains the best EU4 Army Composition by Century starting from your 1444 army to the 1821 end date, with an army reform every 50 years or so. If If. Aristocratic, Aristocratic-Econ, Trading in Livestock/Iron, and no-Syncretic Tengri, will cut down the cost from 10/25/30 to 7.5/11.25/22.5, or 12.5% more cost on 0/1/1 vs 1/0/1. Even without Econ, the cost would only be 21% higher, while your damage increase and manpower saved will far outweights the 21% cost This is the perfect army composition when you want to win a battle and are not constrained by force limit, money, manpower, attrition and other stuff that you might want to do with the army (sieging). So while the spreadsheet is not wrong, it is impractical for regular gameplay and shouldn't be used to set up your armies, only as a guideline You can counter this somewhat by adding more infantry to the composition, but this usually involves hitting supply issues. Let's take an reasonable mid-game enemy province giving you a supply limit of around 30. At that point in the game you'll likely have military technology giving you a line width of 30 as well. Even following the basic ratio, you're going to want to fight with a total of 60 regiments (not counting reserves). Given a general with 3 manoeuvre pips, you're still 27 over the.

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Usually this is with a roughly 2:1 ratio of infantry - Artillery equal to ~66% of my combat width, infantry equal to ~150%. My composition: I start with 12/4, then 12/4/4 when cannons become available and 12/4/8 when I get around tech 15 or something and cannons are better First you must know your combat width, which is 15+tech bonus. Then you must fill that width with cavalry and infantry - early game use as much cavalry as you can as to not invoke a penalty. Later on (tech 12+) start replacing cavalry with infantry over time. You always want some cavalry at the flanks either way, but not as much as at first. At first only attach 1-3 artillery to your stacks to help with sieges, later game (18th century onwards) you should have as much artillery as. Here's a link to a quick reference spreadsheet: Ideal army composition and unit types in eu4. It should be noted that Commonwealth has set of combat bonuses that may impact your army composition: +10% infantry combat, +33% Calvary combat, -10% Calvary. Continue Reading

Ignoring very special edge cases (like nations with massive Cav modifiers) the best army composition is combat width Infantry (for front row) + combat width Cannons (for back row). It's also a good idea to have a second stack with combat width Infantry waiting in a neighour province to reinforce the battle This guide will teach you about army composition in the early and mid game, its influence in battles, and provide examples of good army composition. This guide will also cover the topic of fire and shock, how those two modifiers influence battles, and how the importance of fire increases as the game progresses. I plan on making a guide similar on this one for the late game, so stay tuned So the first and more important thing is to have a correct army composition. Let's take a look on a real battle. As you can see there is two lines available for deployment for each army the white squares represents the available space for deployment that's left, as you may or may not know not every one of your troops are deployed in a battle if they exceed your Combat Width

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In this video I delve into proper army compositions. I give general tips and show several examples of good army builds that can be used in your campaigns. I. I'm not an expert, but I'm quite proud of my army composition as it seems very effective even against superior numbers, at least in single player. I keep stacks of 20 regiments, because they are easy to organize and are generally good for the supply limits in every province on the map after only a few techs. I use 11 regiments of infantry as the base, merc or no depending on money and manpower situations. I put 4 units of cavalry to keep an even force for the flanks, and then I add 5 units.

Not as specific as some people would like, but here you go.IMPORTANT: Cannons do damage from the front row, but also take double incoming damage. According t.. Originally posted by Lembley42: 4 Infantry, 1 Husar, 5 Artillery is the best stack. Later on just double those numbers. You want equal frontline and equal backline so the infantry doesnt clog up the battle when the width is used up. Husar adds recon to the stack, which kills off enemy dig-in boni

Composition for standar nation (no strong cavalry bonuses and not focused into a cavalry build) Your composition will always be 4|6|8 cavalry (increasing with the flanking ability), and the rest infantry. Early game, you shouldnt spam a lot of art.. This is my first time playing as Poland, I jst want to know the best army comp. for Poland. There is no best army comp. It changes depending on your military tech / troop type. There are like 6-8 best compositions for every country depending on what your military tech is and what your force limit is and what you can afford While the late game army compositions mentioned below are very strong, the hardest part is building such a large army in the first place. When you do get your late game composition complete, be careful not to lose it (especially versus Zerg). In a close game, opponent is likely to be able to re-macro much faster than you, especially if your army consists primarily of tier 2 and 3 units.

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  1. es how many units can actively participate in a battle at one time. For every 1 combat width, 1 additional regiment can be placed in the front and back rows, if sufficient troops are available. The base combat width is 15. As.
  2. For reference, I am speaking about early-game Europe in multiplayer games. I have heard varying reports on what an ideal army composition is (generally) in early game Europe. Some have the age-old school of thought that early-game artillery is only useful in sieges and you should stick as many cavalry into your armies as you can afford without going over the mixed arms bonus (50%)
  3. Eu4 runs extremely slow in the late game Hi guys, i tried to disable all unnecessary features in universalis, but it did not improve. Game is going crazy after 150-200 years. When i pause the game, fps going up to 60; when i start the game, it falls down to 10-15 fps again. What should i do, i cannot complete any of the campaigns that i started my laptop features: intel core i7-8750H CPU @2.20.
  4. Unit Composition: As a general rule, a mixed army will produce the most successful results. Specifically, armies should have an even mix of infantry and artillery. This is necessary because artillery (and later airplanes) are the only units that can occupy the second line of frontage and still engage in combat. Thus, infantry in the second line serve no purpose in combat until they get into.

No matter what I do, those annoying flickering bars during the transitions just won't go away - I promise I'll figure them out by next video.Quick tutorial o.. I doubt this is the case since it sounds like you are talking about early game and you shouldn't fall far behind aragon in general. They could have better leaders than you, make sure you assigned a leader. They could be simply very lucky, although this is unlikely with armies as big as the ones you mentioned. They may have a better army composition than you (50 percent inf/cav and 50 percent.

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